In a data driven world, we can obsess over clicks and the latest analytics around traffic from visitors to your website.  Converting visitor clicks into a customer can help you reach your business goals.  Here are four simple things that may help you achieve this goal:

    1. Optimized for mobile.  Mobile devices (excluding tablets) generate over 50% of global website traffic. With the increasingly heavy usage of mobile devices to search for information, it is vital that your website is formatted in an aesthetically pleasing and useable format.  Visitors expect a response or load time of under 2 seconds when using their mobile device to seek out information.
    2. Email sign-up.  In a world with multiple touch points,leveraging e-mails to ensure ongoing communication containing relevant information will help convert your visitor into a customer.  Leveraging your customers contact information, the use of targeted e-mail campaigns combined with special offers, promotions or customized content will capture the attention of your audience and increase the likelihood of a visitor to customer conversion.
    3. Contact us.  Make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you and share their communication preference or express an interest in speaking to someone immediately. Ensure information on how visitors can contact you is prominently displayed in an accessible location.  Leverage the contact section of your web-page to help gather key information will aid in your ability to convert the visitor into a customer.
    4. Testimonials.  People trust in products or services that have a strong reputation.  Showcase the positive feedback from your customers on your homepage.  Ensure it is visible and easy for people to see the feedback and assure them of your business’ reputation.

If you need help delivering on these four simple steps with your website or have any questions on how you can best convert web visitors into customers, please reach out to

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