The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year; blink and you completely missed pumpkin spice season. Before you know it, the time of year has arrived where lists seem to govern your life: lists of things to buy, things to do, things you want, things to bake, lists upon lists, etc. It’s no wonder Santa has to check his list twice.

Somewhere on those lists, is probably a gift for your corporate partners, whether it’s a vendor that went above and beyond, a client you’re hoping to close, a dedicated team member who worked countless hours or a loyal customer you want to show appreciation for.

Unlike your family and friends, your corporate partner doesn’t provide you with a list of things they’ve had their eye on. Further complicating the gift giving challenge is the dollar limitations that are in place and the requirement that gifts be shared. Too often, it seems the default corporate gift that fits these parameters is some sort of fruit tray or infamous fruit cake.

As someone that has been in the corporate world for a few holiday seasons, I have partaken in my fair share of fruit cakes. The first delivery to arrive is greeted with much excitement…the third, fourth and fifth, not so much.

During this holiday season, give something different to your corporate partners to stand apart from the traditional fruit cake. If you have a relationship with a local small business, consider gifting their product or service to some of your corporate partners. See if they are even willing to develop or make a special line for your business only to share with your corporate partners. This would be a great way to provide a creative gift, generate brand awareness and support your local community.

Let’s work together to come up with a holiday wish list this year that you’re planning on giving or you enjoyed receiving in a previous year. What are some creative and thoughtful corporate holiday gifts that you would like to receive or have given? If you are a small business and have a unique product (or service) that would make a great holiday gift, join in the conversation and let us know.


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