Email is one of the best marketing tools available. It allows your business to have complete control and management of your subscriber list and the messaging being sent.  More importantly, it can deliver a huge return on investment (ROI).  According to Campaign Monitor, your ROI can be as much as 4400%.  That’s $44 for every $1 spent!

As you think about elevating your business’ email marketing efforts, we recommend four campaigns to consider:


Email newsletters are a traditional approach to email marketing.  The goal is to inform your target audience of your latest blog posts, updates and events your business may be attending in the coming weeks.  From a design perspective, there are many different forms and the frequency may vary from daily, weekly, or monthly.  The sole purpose of the email is to keep subscribers engaged and updated on your business, products/services, and the industry.


A drip campaign focuses on automatically sending a series of pre-written messages.  These messages are sent at scheduled times based upon certain actions on your website by the recipient.  A drip campaign is an ideal option for companies who are newer to email marketing and are trying to build their customer base.  Drip campaigns could be a welcome email, promoting a particular product or sale, or could highlight your presence at a trade show.  The goal of a drip campaign is to attract the right subscribers and encourage them to commit to your call to action (CTA).


A nurture campaign is used to pick up where the drip campaign left off.  These emails are personalized and are contingent upon the stage in the sales cycle.  These campaigns are labor-intensive because they require a substantial amount of planning and understanding of your customers and how to best target them.  A typical way to target a nurture email can be based on the number of page views on your website, to time spent on a particular page and more.  The time is definitely worth the investment because it’s an ideal option to truly engage with your current or future customer in a direct and personal manner.


 A remarketing campaign is an optimal way to connect and engage with customers who haven’t interacted with your business’ email marketing efforts over a specific period of time.  Remarketing gives your business the ability to re-engage with those who haven’t interacted with your emails previously.  It’s also a best practice to audit and clean your email list by deleting contacts who are unresponsive.

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