More and more people are looking to consume content via video prior to making a purchasing decision.  Video gives the viewer the ability to digest all the information they’re looking for in an efficient manner.  

As video continues to be a preferred modality prior to making a purchase, it truly has become a vital component that needs to be integrated into your company’s website.  Below are three simple ways your video can be showcased:

1. Share Your Why

Highlight your mission and share your passion for why you started your company.  Viewers will feel a personal connection when they feel trust is being built.  

2. What Makes You Different?

A video can amplify what makes your product, solution or service stand out from the competition.  It provides the platform for you to highlight the benefits and share details in a visually direct manner.  

3. Thought Leadership

Leverage an executive from within your business or company who has the industry knowledge, experience and credibility to speak openly about various topics that are relevant to your customer.  

These three simple ways to leverage video for your website will give you the ability to create the content your customer is seeking.

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