A website is something that needs to be consistently monitored and updated.  One area that tends to be neglected is images within the website. Images can have an impact on the website’s overall and user experience.  

It’s simple, optimized images can improve the page speed.  If this is neglected, your website’s load time may increase drastically. People now, more than ever, have very limited attention spans.  They are 50% more likely to leave your website if it takes 3 seconds or longer to load.

An optimized image can show up in an image carousel thus supplementing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.  By leveraging the correct format, title, title text, alt text, etc., your optimized image will go into the Image SEO which will give it the best opportunity to perform in the search.

Furthermore, an optimized image can help individuals who are visually impaired.  Properly formatted and descriptive alt text on your images aren’t visible to your readers, but it drastically helps those who are visually impaired when using screen readers as it will describe both the appearance and the function of an image on your page.

Do you know if your images are optimized?  Reach out and let us check for you!

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